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First Presbyterian Day School

Since 1965, FPDS has thrived as a kingdom school where students grow spiritually, academically, and socially.

First Presbyterian Day School

“We have walked through two major updates and re-designs to our website in the last few years, and Provis handled both of them with utmost skill and professionalism. After working together on a complete overhaul of our first site, we knew without a doubt that we wanted to work with Provis again when it came time to refresh and "remodel." In today's world and in our scope of business, keeping up a website is extremely important, with a variety of audience members in mind. Our friends at Provis are accessible when questions arise, creative in their design, and knowledgeable in functionality.”

Meredith Johnson
FPDS Director of Communications

First Presbyterian Day School came to Provis initially when they needed a complete reworking of their web site to have more interactive components for their teachers and their course loads. The site also needed to be completely editable and manageable by the school staff who would deal with the day-to-day site operation. This was all accomplished by Provis and training sessions were held to bring the teachers up to speed on their new capabilities. Provis continued to provide support where and when needed.

The second iteration of the site came about during the initial period of the Global Covid-19 Pandemic. The education sector as a whole was working to adjust to the new normal of schooling and FPDS was pro-actively determining how the site needed to respond to this shift. New third-party education tools were brought to bear for the teachers by FPDS and the site underwent both a cosmetic and a back-end evolution. Emphasis was placed on making the site more mobile-first oriented, with new creative and direction on the home page providing a more optimized experience both in the aspect of viewing area as well as speed.

Provis also worked to better streamline processes on the back-end of the web site so that editing became easier and friendlier to mobile-based page editing. Training sessions were held to cover improvements and Provis continues to provide ongoing support through our Growth Plan when and where we're needed.

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