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Ergon Asphalt

Ergon A&E is considered "the resource" in the asphalt industry. Not only do they market liquid paving asphalts, but they also manufacture and market a wide variety of advanced asphalt products. On the global front, Ergon A&E is the world’s leading manufacturer of packaged pavement preservation products and related road maintenance equipment. Their protective coatings division manufactures and distributes engineered surface protection systems for industrial infrastructure.

Ergon Asphalt

“The Provis team did a great job redesigning Ergon’s Asphalt & Emulsions website. Our customer journey and product offering is very complex, and our partners at Provis were extremely helpful in offering solutions to make our site the best experience. They continue to support our team at Ergon by offering technical assistance as well as ideas to drive traffic to our site. As we continue to evolve into a digital society, having Provis by our side was a great decision."

Wendy Polk
Marketing Manager, Ergon, Inc.


Ergon Asphalt came to Provis with a multi-pronged need. They needed not only their site revamped, but also multiple sets of functionality on the back end which needed to conform to their internal operating requirements. This meant that using an established platform wouldn't do; Ergon desired it to be a custom solution, which meant some pretty complex development would have to be planned, organized, and executed.

In order to assure that the new efforts were going to serve not only their exterior audiences but their interior ones to the utmost degree, Provis became a part of the Ergon internal team, which involved Marketing, Information Technology, and Corporate Communications. Strategy sessions were held with team members as well as Asphalt Sales Representatives to go over needs and sets of content information that would be part of the site, which led to the creation of a scope of action. This became the roadmap for internal construction and was utilized for the breadth of the project.

Asphalt was joined in to the overall Ergon infrastructure and as such got to take advantage of the custom Content Management System that Provis created for the Ergon properties. Complex data sets were created, sorted, and refined by Ergon and Provis so that certain portions of the site would be dynamically generated and actively managed by the Ergon product team.

Overall, Ergon Asphalt was a complex site that was made simple to manage and operate, all while providing the information that all of their audiences needed. Provis continues to work as a member of the Ergon Asphalt team, helping to coordinate information, run digital campaigns, and provide support where needed.

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